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 The Power of Positioning    Positions You and Your Work in the World as an Educator and Advocate 
                               for the Success and Well Being of Your Patients, Clients & Customers.

           The Power of                 POSITIONING
The Power of Positioning     gives you vast visibility, exposure and 3rd Party Credibility through varying platforms of New Media:       Radio, Publishing, News Releases, Video, Photo Essays, Best Selling Author Status to cite a few and it all can start with just a 30-35 minute Phone Interview !
Published Monthly - A Multi Author Publication
Business Innovators Radio
Multi Author or Solo Books Making You a Published and/or Best Selling Author
Business Innovators Magazine
Small Business Trendsetters Spotlight - Photo Essays
Small Business Trendsetters Syndicated Publication 
Once in a syndicated media, the ability to say: "as featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX...
Carol A Santella
    Campaigns: Customized &/Or Specific packages                             See Some Happy Clients' Campaigns Below 

Hi Carol. Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how blown away I am at the results and exposure I have received in less than a week since we did the interview. What with the radio interview, the article submission to Business Innovators Magazine and making the front page of the magazine, what can I say...woohoohoo. 

Love your work. Thanks again.
Fred G.

Rebecca started w Radio Interview
Rebecca Troup 
Published in November 2016 ! 
     Business Innovators Magazine 

​Hi Carol, 
Wanted to let you know that the ease of this process from our initial chat all the way through to completion of the interview was great. I enjoyed it. It made great sense. The exposure and visibility have been huge! 

So happy too because our interview was educational. It is so much more than a radio spot or interview for a podcast. You said it was "elite" and you weren't kidding. 

Thx so much for even our initial chat. The clarity for a topic that would be best to help others and to share the work I do was spot on. 

This entire experience was a great investment. 
Thx so much Carol.

Let's continue on! 
Paul B.
As you can see, so many combinations and ways of having you be seen, heard and visible by means of one of the best forms of recognition : 3rd Party Credibility and Published Author Status among others. 

You will be Positioned as a Recognized  Authority in your industry. Without question, it's been success story after success story and one ecstatic client after another as they see all the social involvement, the huge visibility and recognition that starts with one Interview for radio or print and all the "extras" I'm so happy to give. This "work" has truly shown me some of the most heartfelt smiles and "thank yous" ever. I call it : "A feel good business" because it is in so many ways.

Plus it's a win-win, esp with clients who also do series of interviews for multiple uses and those who become best selling authors and in the news with news releases or spotlight/photo essays. The recognition and visibility is huge. 

To site an example: begin with a 30-35 minute phone interview for Radio. With just that alone, you will be up also to the entire audiences and listeners of :
iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, YouTube, Business Innovators Radio and more ... 

So do take a listen and look at the step by step video above on the right. It will show you a visual view of how all this can work . I always like to have a brief conversation initially to answer any questions, help with clarity for interview topics or news releases or photo essay possibilities. None of this is at all time consuming for you and the Positioning rewards are very high.

   What this can all mean for you !
Some but not all Benefits:

  • Increased Visibility for yourself, company, practice

  • Enhances Reputation

  • Sets You Apart

  • Generates Leads

  • Allows for Higher Speaking and Consulting Fees

  • Increased Clout and Credibility

  • Also helpful if you have ever thought of selling your business at anytime- both the credibility and clout enhance that dream 

  • ​Makes you the sought after person for additional interviews, speaking engagements

  • Better than any business card, esp if you participate in one of the many options of a book which by the way you never have to write a word for with our systems

  • Can make you a published, best selling author
  • Business Innovators Radio

  • Business Innovators Magazine

  • Small Business Trendsetters Photo Essay

  • Small Business Trendsetters Publication (syndicated)

  • Local Business Mavericks 

  • News Releases (syndication)

  • Video Interviews

  • Radio Interviews

  • Solo Book (s) 

  • MAB ( multi author books you are featured in) 

  • Educational and Conversational Interviews 

  • 12 month Marketing Plans w 
         (high ROI)

  • These are proprietary models.  
What Sets Me Apart

This is an Elite service.
Not a podcast.
Not just web radio.
This is an Elite Service with interviews of a conversational and educational style that focus on topics that not only state a "problem," but offer a solution(s). 

InterviewstoFame    and Carol A Santella are All About : Strategy, Consultation, Radio & Web TV Production, Publicity Management, Quality, Integrity and the Client Experience. 

I have always been a person who believes in good communication, who is passionate about people treating each other and themselves better including better treatment of animals, especially dogs.

Our world is so love deprived - good healthy love and respect is so needed. Do you realize how many people don't even say thank you anymore or share a smile or an apology, if needed? How many poor customer experiences or bad doctor /patient relations or experiences do there have to be?

I have always enjoyed and believed in continuing education, my own and helping other professionals share their expertise to do the same. This is one very excellent means of doing so. The positioning is excellent. It's helpful and it really puts smiles on so many faces because it makes them feel good to see not only themselves so spotlighted, but also the responses they often receive from those who have seen, heard and found them. It's the epitome of the know, like and trust factor. 

There are so many that are hurting and there are many who are blessed unbelievably and it is for both I do this so everyone can connect and help one another and for us all to reach as many as possible.

Those at the receiving end of the educational style interviews and other publications or media applications offered here are equally if not more important as the owner or practitioner. I trust that this work will help in connecting, in engagement, in the healing and the success of the well being of many and with that as I always say:

"Here's to What Males Your Heart Happy and Your Soul Smile!"  
                                    Carol A Santella

Interviews to Fame TM (c) 2021  519 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15221
     Additional Services
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Strategist
  • Executive New Media Liaison
  • Online Web TV Production
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Foundational Footprint TM which addresses your congruency of your licensed business name across multiple engines... Important & Overlooked. Gravely affects your money spent on any advertising/marketing for your business. 
  • Social Media Services 
  • Graphic Design (custom) 

Call :  412-681-1105

If we were to take a look at your online or offline presence, how quickly could a prospect determine you are the #1 choice for them ? 

Contact Me for a clarity session, for further information and let's see if you meet the Positioning model :-)  
A 30-35 minute Phone Interview can result in any or all of the following and more, including some of our other top Business and Strategy Consulting Services :-) 
Watch this video to see what happens after your interview :-)
As featured on
Nationally recognized

Many, many thanks for your expertise and the ease with which you made all of this possible. You're truly a joy to work with! Who would've thought a radio interview could lead to so much?!

Your interviews are an enjoyable and effective way to get useful information to the masses. Much appreciated!  

The Power of Positioning TM  is the absolute Best Form of 3rd Party Recognition & Credibility. Be Sure To Scroll down for testimonials, benefits, the why's, whats and hows  :-)

Contact Me to Begin Positioning Yourself Now! 
It makes all the difference in your Business & Life :-) 
   It's Non-time consuming & offers successful results every time.
This is such a "feel good" business. I love helping business owners and people get their work and messages out to so many and seeing them so happy, touches my heart more than I can share :-) 

​                                    Carol A Santella 
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    Interviews to Fame TM
Watch this short video !
I had recently updated my LinkedIn account when Carol found me online and approached me with the idea of sharing my physical and nutritional medicine expertise with a bigger audience via a radio interview. 

Because my business is newly budding, it was the perfect fit to get my voice and personality out to the public. What I ended up with was a radio show release that gained a lot of exposure and links for my own personal use for my specific audience.

 I can do all the social media marketing I want, but having my followers hear me speak, attached a sense of love, respect and credibility that really polished my image. 

I am forever thankful for having worked with Carol. Aside from the radio interview, she is always quick to shoot me a message to check-in, keep me updated and share new ideas that go hand in hand with moving my business forward. 

It was a pleasure to work with Carol and I highly recommend her for others who wish to take their business image to the next level.

 Thank you for helping me get the word out!

- Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS
Dr Debbie Bright
Watch this short video !
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
Positioning : This Could Be You :-) 
                             Let's Connect and Chat.     412-681-1105

Let's See What it is you are trying to achieve. From there, let's see what you may be open to for your Best Positioning, Representation, Vast Visibility, Influence and 3rd Party Recognition--Helping You Reach Many with Your Expertise and Special Talents :-) 
          Let's Connect and Chat. 412-681-1105

Let's See what it is you are trying to achieve. From there, let's see what you may be open to for your Best Positioning, Representation, Vast Visibility, Influence and 3rd Party Recognition, Helping You Reach Many with Your Expertise and Special Talents :-) 
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